Badgepass ONE

Access Control

Take your system to the next level with secure door access control

BadgePass ONE access control allows for streamlined reader deployment and easy-to-manage door access privileges, unlike any other door access system on the market.

Secure Card Issuance and Activation

Take your card issuance process to the next level by enrolling technology cards and activating a cardholder’s door access privileges in a single step! BadgePass ONE compatible card printers can read a smart card during the print process and activate that card according to the permissions configured within the system. This allows a card to be active and ready to use after printing personalization is complete. Even better, when a new card is printed for someone in the organization, a previously issued card is automatically deactivated, eliminating the risk of unwanted access occurring with a lost or stolen badge.

Need to set an activation date in the future or automatically assign expiration dates for credentials? No problem! In BadgePass ONE, you can create rules around when cards should be activated and deactivated based on the type of credential.

Customized Reader Profile Options

Assigning door access privileges doesn’t have to be complicated! With simplified reader profiles in BadgePass ONE, users can easily create a profile for each opening that includes security group privileges, schedules, and schedule exceptions (e.g., holidays or special days) from one user-friendly interface. A cardholder’s group membership will determine which readers they can access and when.

Streamlined System Implementation

With BadgePass ONE Access Control, there is no need to worry about managing multiple on-site servers or complex control panels in an IT closet within your facility. Instead, add readers and/or wireless locks to openings in areas of your facility that need to be secured. Manage all access privileges and permissions through the system – without ever having to install any software or deploy any servers on-site! From implementation to support after the system is up and running, your IT team will love how easy it is.

Multiple Hardware Options

When securing doors within a facility, we understand that every opening is different, with unique security requirements. We can offer various hardware options to secure almost any opening by partnering with industry-leading hardware manufacturers. Our team of access control experts and our nationwide team of certified dealer partners can offer insight into which hardware options would best fit your organization’s specific needs.

Our wireless lock options are easy to deploy on interior doors and are available in cylindrical or mortise styles. These locks include the reader and lock in one device, minimizing installation and deployment time. The BadgePass RC Reader was designed for exterior or interior openings and offers compatibility with various lock options, including strikes and maglocks.

Learn more about Hardware Options

Flexible Pricing Model

Customers using BadgePass ONE to manage cardholder data and/or print ID badges can easily enhance their system by adding access control reader devices. Whether you need to secure just one opening or hundreds, the system allows for easy expansion and adding new devices when needed. Access control readers can be purchased upfront or included in a reader subscription, paid monthly or annually.

BadgePass ONE Subscription Pricing

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