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December 8th, 2017 / ID Badging, ID Card Printers

Create Professional ID Badges with Badging Software

With Badgepass, designing and printing ID badges and other types of plastic cards is a breeze! Our software is compatible with all desktop card printers and our DataSync tool allows for streamlined integration with your existing database(s).

Let’s discover about Identity Manager and how it can be used to strengthen the professionalism and safety of your building.

Taking Safety to the Next Level

Creating quality, professional ID badges is important to any organization. ID cards are an extension of your business and help keep track of who is coming into your building. Wearing them is also essential to building security.

BadgePass ID card software and card printers can be configured to include several safety features to increase the longevity of your ID badges and maximize security.

Some examples include:

Lamination. Lamination is the easiest way to increase the durability of your plastic cards. You can choose between holographic laminate or standard laminate. Both protect the surface of the cards from dirt, debris, and moisture. The difference is that holographic can be customized with your logo or design and are much more difficult to duplicate.

UV printing. UV printing lets you place text or images onto the badge that can only be read when placed under a blacklight. When the card is run through the light, it is verified for authenticity. This makes it almost impossible to duplicate.

Microtext. Like UV printing, microtext cannot be seen with the naked eye. A magnifier of some sort is needed to read the text. Microtext can be added to your ID badges with basic text or text incorporated in an image to prevent duplicates.

Why Choose Us for ID Software?

One of the first questions we ask our clients is what they want their badges to do. Most clients answer “wear them,” but we want you to explore further. Will they help you keep track of who is in your building? Will they grant access to doors or secure areas for some employees? Will they be used to log onto computers?The more you think about the entire lifecycle of your badge, the better we’re able to help you implement the Credential Management System best suited to your needs.

Here are the benefits to choosing BadgePass:

• Customizable design

• Fast, convenient creation

• Flexible, intuitive user interface

• Suitable for novice and expert badge makers

• Compatible with all desktop card printers

Free Access Control software

For professional ID badges and enhanced safety features to prevent duplicates, trust us. Contact us to learn more.

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