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BadgePass ONE Reader Control App hero image November 7th, 2023 / Access Control, Security

Simplify Your Security | BadgePass ONE Reader Control App

We are excited to announce a new and powerful feature in BadgePass ONE: the Reader Control App, designed to make access control more efficient and user-friendly than ever!

With the Reader Control App, you now have the capability to oversee and manage your access points with ease. Here’s what you can expect with this latest addition:

Real-Time Reader Information:

  • Gain insight into each reader’s name.
  • Monitor the current lock status of each reader.
  • For readers equipped with door sensors, track the door position, ensuring a comprehensive view of your access points.

Door Control at Your Fingertips:

  • Select any reader that has been added to the reader control app from the convenient list.
  • Unlock doors, secure them, or grant quick access, all with a few taps on your device.

Quick Grant Access:

  • Experience the ultimate convenience with Quick Grant Access. Think of it as simulating a card read, much like buzzing someone into the front door. It’s a seamless and swift way to grant access to authorized individuals.

Whether you’re managing a large facility or a small office, this new Reader Control App feature will simplify the way you interact with your access points.


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