School Security Assessment

By BadgePass  |  June 30, 2017


Access Control, Campus Card Systems, ID Badging, K-12 Education, Visitor Management

Over the last several months, the number of K-12 campus security walk-throughs that we have completed has increased dramatically.  This can be attributed to a wide variety of factors, but the simple reality is that most people have a heighted awareness of security right now.  They are looking to implement systems that will allow for easy identification and tracking of persons throughout the district.  This can include Photo IDVisitor ManagementAccess Control Software and even mustering applications.

If you are a school district considering any (or all) of these solutions, here are some basic questions to ask yourself as you get started with choosing a system that is right for you:
• Do faculty and personnel in the school have and use Identification (ID) badges?   Is this policy enforced?
• What is the current procedure for obtaining a new ID badge?
• If you are considering electronic door access, how would you like employee and faculty badges to be activated in the access control system?  Will each school have a printer or will badges be issued centrally at the district office?
• Are all exterior doors locked as part of a closed campus policy?
• Are public entrances monitored and controlled through locking, supervision or electronic access (ie: buzzing someone in?)
• What is your current visitor policy at each school?  Are they asked to show ID when checking in?  Is this policy enforced?
• Do you have an electronic process for registering and badging visitors?
• Do you have any third party groups that use the building for activities?  If so, how do they gain access?  How would you like them to gain access in the future, if you implement a new system?
• How often are exterior doors propped open in the building?
• What is your current lockdown procedure?  Do you practice this regularly?
• Describe your current key control procedure.  Do many people have master keys or only a select few?  Are all master keys accounted for?
• How does student traffic flow between classes?  Do you have multiple buildings on campus to consider?
• Do you have a system in place for evacuation and mustering?

Thinking about these questions in advance will help you realize your district’s primary security needs and recognize the areas you should address first.  Understanding your strengths and weaknesses up front will also help you as you research security systems for badging, visitor tracking and access control.