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August 25th, 2017 / Drivers License

Streamline Your Business with Driver’s License Scanning

Driver’s licenses are used for more than driving these days. Many industries are using driver’s license scanning solutions to enter customer information into their databases. Some of the information that can be gathered from a state ID card includes name, address, and date of birth. These are generally scanned in instances where personal information is required for the transaction, such as doctor offices, liquor stores, hotels and casinos. If you work in an industry that collects sensitive information, how can you ensure that this information gets into your database efficiently while also protecting the privacy and security of your customer? Let’s learn more about ID scanners, how they work and how your business can benefit from BadgePass SmartReg.

How Does Driver’s License Scanning Work?

A scanner is an electronic device that reads the information stored within the 2D barcode or magnetic stripe on the back of the ID. When the card is scanned, information on the individual is pulled up on the screen for verification purposes. From there, the person can be added into a database for quick, easy enrollment.

Which Industries Use ID Scanners?

ID scanners are used in all types of industries. Convenience stores, casinos, liquor stores and nightclubs use them to verify age for tobacco and alcohol. Health clubs and gyms use them to verify membership, while doctor’s offices and hospitals rely on them for insurance and medical purposes. Casinos use driver’s license scanners coupled with SmartReg automated enrollment software to populate their player’s club system, helping to enroll patron data more efficiently. This system has proven effective in many hotels and shopping centers as well.

What are the Benefits of Using SmartReg?

The BadgePass Driver’s License Reader is one of the most advanced scanners on the market. This electronic device works quickly and efficiently to collect and verify the appropriate customer information. The SmartReg software runs in the background, automatically populating any enrollment screen as soon as the license is scanned. Fast and efficient, it makes registration a breeze.

Here are some of the benefits to using the BadgePass Driver’s License Scanner:

• High performance barcode reading

• Built-in three track magnetic stripe reader

• Small footprint – won’t take up much space on a desk

• Exceptional read capability

• Reduction in database errors

• Customizable special messages (ie: Under 21)

• Application independent

• Keystroke emulation

• Hotkey functionality

These days it is becoming more commonplace to use driver’s license scanning than ever before. Organizations that need to collect consumer information can now gather that data quickly and accurately without customers relaying that information verbally so other guests can hear, protecting their privacy and safety, an added benefit to the system. Plus, it guarantees an accurate database for the organization, helping to enhance the customer experience.

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