Streamlined Patient Enrollment, ID and Tracking

By BadgePass  |  March 20, 2020


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BadgePass Driver's License Enrollment
BadgePass: Streamlined Patient Enrollment

At times like these, when patient and visitor volume is high, it’s imperative that your facility quickly and accurately enroll and track people. Perhaps you are considering mobile enrollment or mobile testing units right now and trying to determine the best way to register and track those people. Or maybe you’re just thinking about how to handle the higher than usual volume of incoming patient traffic. Either way, we’ve worked with healthcare facilities and government agencies across the country to implement ID and tracking solutions that can be an asset to your organization.

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Automated Patient Enrollment / Driver’s License Scanning

Patient ID
Interested in learning more? Check out this quick video highlighting our Mobile ID Spot solution that allows for a combination of driver’s license scanning, production of a temporary ID and tracking, all in one user-friendly system:
Mobile ID Solutions

BadgePass: Mobile ID Solutions

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