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Image of 3 Mercury access control readers in front of a blue and gray backdrop. August 16th, 2017 / Access Control

The Benefit of Non-Proprietary Access Control Hardware

Electronic access control is often a major investment for an organization. Whether you’re looking to control access to only a few exterior doors, monitor access to all entrances and exits at your facility as well as a few interior doors, or control doors along with other openings like cabinets and server racks with electronic locks, there are many choices to make throughout the implementation process. Usually the least expensive part of an access control system is the software; the investment is primarily comprised of hardware components including control panels, readers, locks and credentials. The benefits of non-proprietary access control hardware are vast and can be helpful to organizations of any size.


How can you ensure that the components you’re investing in today will give you the flexibility and freedom that you need tomorrow?


We believe in the value of open architecture hardware platforms, which is why we partner with the industry leaders in electronic door access. Our access control software is designed to work with Mercury hardware, the industry leader in open platform panels. Mercury controllers are designed and manufactured specifically for access control based on emerging technologies, changing industry standards and evolving network environments.



The biggest benefit to investing in an open architecture system is that it gives you the freedom of choice. When you purchase a non-proprietary platform, you are no longer tied to the product line of a single manufacturer. Instead you can choose from any access control software that supports open platform controllers.

Not all access control providers carry open architecture hardware options. When selecting an access control partner, be wary of proprietary systems. An access control system can be a very large investment and you want to make sure that it’s one that you will be happy with as your security needs evolve in the future.

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