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March 4th, 2021 / ID Badging

The Increased Importance of ID Badges

Importance of ID Badges
BadgePass: Importance of ID Badges

While ID Badges are nothing new, touchless trends and increased need for positive ID of employees, students and patients have created an even higher demand for secure IDs in today’s world. It is more important than ever before that people be accurately identified and that their badge provide functionality including tracking and access capabilities.


Face masks have become more common across all facilities and organizations. While they help stop the transfer of airborne pathogens, they also make identifying who we are seeing or speaking with more difficult. Wearing an ID Card on a lanyard, badge clip or badge reel allows others to see an image of the person they are speaking to. This can help young students at schools to feel more comfortable, and adults form a mental picture of who they are interacting with to help foster human connections.

Student ID cards (K-12 & Higher Ed) are often used for many purposes beyond identification. When equipped with a barcode, QR code or Magnetic Stripe, they can assist in check out of books, meal plans, or even attendance. When they are printed on technology cards such proximity, RFID, or smart cards, they can enable that card to be used for access into buildings or even residential housing. Outside of school they are often used to allow entry to sporting and extracurricular events. Some businesses offer discounts if a school ID is presented.

Due to COVID-19 we are all looking for ways to prevent the transfer of germs. Cards can be a huge benefit there. By using a card with Contactless technology, you can enable a door unlocking or even opening with minimal touch. Managing your access control with the power of these cards allows you not only ease of access but also the ability to “shut down” access privileges on that card if it is ever lost, stolen, or the individual is terminated.

Our BadgePass Credential Management Solution provides a single system that can issue ID cards, manage access control, and even track visitors. This is extremely valuable to organizations looking to prevent Credential Overflow – the major security risk caused by having more “live” cards that active cardholders.


Many facilities are considering new solutions for identifying those that have been vaccinated for COVID, Flu or any other necessary immunization. “Badge Buddies” are nothing new in the healthcare market, but for other organizations, there may now be a need to visually show who has been vaccinated and meets the constantly changing health security requirements of today.

This proof can be issued in a variety of ways.

Vertical badge holder with badge and proof of COVID vaccination tab
BadgePass: Proof of vaccination badge

  • • An additional card – aka badge buddy. These can be added where a visual or text approval is added to an additional ID card. The pros are they can be easily added to a badge using a slot for a badge clip. The downside is that these could potentially be easily transferred to another individual who may not have been vaccinated. As a result, this may be a very efficient option, but potentially not the most secure.
  • • A tamper-proof sticker adhered to an ID. This enables facilities to keep existing badges, eliminating the need for reprint. We suggest a tamper proof sticker that is numbered so that a duplicate can not be issued. You would want to ensure that only those who have been vaccinated have access to this solution.
  • • Printing a static image on the card at time of issuance. This would be the most secure and tamper-proof means of showing those that have been vaccinated.

Horizontal badge with proof of COVID vaccination
BadgePass: Proof of vaccination badge

Healthcare facilities have always relied on photo ID badges for security, and access but now with the wearing of face masks and shields as part of their COVID-19 PPE regimen, it can be hard to create the desired human connection when it comes to patient care. Being able to see a first name and a smiling face, even if in the photo image on a card, can help nurture the patient/provider relationship.

This is also imperative in elder care facilities where residents have been deeply impacted by social distancing requirements. The ability to see the face of their caregiver will no doubt enable them to feel more comfortable.

If you are interested in learning more about how to increase your visual and physical security or how best to indicate those who have received the vaccine, please reach out to one of our highly trained solution staff members. We are here to listen to your needs and help provide the best solution possible. Contact us to learn more or schedule a product demonstration today!


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