The Range at 601 – Case Study

By BadgePass  |  February 26, 2019


Drivers License, ID Badging, ID Card Printers

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BadgePass: The Range at 601 Case Study

Challenge: The Range at 601 needed a secure, but simple, process for issuing membership cards and tracking member usage of the indoor shooting range.
Solution: By implementing Identity Manager, the NXT5000 card printer and EPIC Track, they were able to streamline their membership card system.

For retail stores, having access to customer data is critical to the store’s success. The Range at 601, a retail store with a ten-lane indoor shooting range, is no different. In the summer of 2018, the range was on a tight timeline. They were planning to open their new retail location and indoor gun range within two months and didn’t have a strategy for enrolling new members or tracking membership usage at the shooting range. The store needed to easily issue and manage membership IDs while enhancing their member’s experience with each visit.

BadgePass Identity Manager was the perfect fit for their needs. The store worked with BadgePass to design custom membership cards that were consistent with their logo and branding. Each of those cards is personalized with membership information including first name, last name, membership type and expiration date. The cards also feature a 1D barcode with the member’s ID number, allowing for streamlined tracking whenever the member uses the range.

“The process is really simple,” explained Christine Johnston, General Manager of The Range at 601. “A new member shows up and we scan their driver’s license. The software automatically populates the information we need, and we select the type of membership they’ve purchased. Then, we print them a customized card that they present anytime they visit the range.”

By scanning the barcode on those cards anytime members enter and exit the range, the store has access to critical information about their members: how often they’re using the range, how long they typically shoot for, etc. This allows for better and more targeted marketing to their members.

“The unique requirements of the shooting range allowed us to really put together a cool solution,” said Lindsay Martin-Nez, EVP of Sales and Marketing at BadgePass. “By pairing Identity Manager with integrated driver’s license scanning and the NXT5000 card printer, we were able to produce quality, customized badges in seconds. That set-up, paired with EPIC Track, which they’re using to scan and track usage of the range, was the perfect fit for their needs.”