Track Employee Time – Even at Remote Locations

By BadgePass  |  April 14, 2020


Healthcare, ID Badging, Tracking, Visitor Management

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BadgePass: Track Employee Time Remotely

As organizations have moved to remote work locations and emergency facilities, makeshift hospitals and test sites have been established, it’s become increasingly difficult to track employees and keep up with their time. As the government establishes new regulations regarding how those hours are reported, our team is here to assist with implementing ID and tracking solutions that can help ensure you accurately record times and receive reimbursement funds.

Our EPIC Track solution was specifically designed for simplified, mobile tracking. The software can easily scan and track employees as they check-in and check-out each day, electronically recording those times and associating them with their record. For those facilities implementing temperature checks as employees arrive to work, the system can also be configured to associate each team member’s temperature with their arrival time daily. Reporting is web-based and easy to use, eliminating paper log books and ensuring greater data accuracy.
EPIC Track Overview

BadgePass: EPIC Track Overview

Best of all, the system can be used with existing Photo ID badges and smart phones or tablets that your organization potentially already owns. It’s downloadable from the app store and extremely easy to deploy, allowing us to implement systems in a matter of hours or days rather than weeks.

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