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May 13th, 2020 / ID Badging, Tracking, Visitor Management

Visitor Management and Temperature Tracking Solution

BadgePass Validate Employees Remotely
BadgePass: Visitor Manager + Temperature Tracking Bundle

We’ve been working with customers nationwide on strategies for leveraging and enhancing their existing technologies as they develop new policies and procedures for their return to the workplace. Many of those facilities have discussed implementing an electronic visitor tracking system to keep up with all people entering the building and better enable contact tracing during their visit. They’ve also considered systems for tracking temperature checks of both employees and visitors or guests.

Did you know that our Identity Manager Software includes an upgrade option to include electronic visitor management?

We’re excited to offer a unique bundle package for the simplified upgrade of your existing software to leverage this technology. The package includes all software and hardware items needed to electronically register and track any visitors and guests including driver’s license scanning and an adhesive badge printer for production of temporary visitor badges. We’ve also included a license of EPIC Track, a tracking solution configured specifically for recording temperatures of those visitors and validating they were screened before gaining access to the building. Click here for further details on this bundle.

This turnkey solution can be implemented stand-alone or added to an existing BadgePass system. Plus, it can be fully integrated with existing Identity Manager software, allowing for easy association of visitors to the name of the employee they are meeting with and a centralized location for all visitor and ID reporting.

Contact us to schedule a virtual product demonstration or to receive additional pricing details today! 601.499.2131

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