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badgepass visitor manager graphic February 26th, 2019 / Visitor Management

Visitor Management – Part of a Comprehensive School Identification Plan

badgepass visitor manager graphic
BadgePass Visitor Manager: School Identification Plan

Visitor Management – Part of a Comprehensive School Identification Plan

Schools today are more concerned with security than ever before.  Many schools are mandating the visual display of IDs for faculty, staff, students, volunteers and visitors.  BadgePass helps districts create an environment that encourages faculty and staff to question unknown subjects by implementing a visual identification policy district wide.

Implementing an electronic visitor management system allows schools to scan the driver’s license of all guests that enter the facility and issue secure, temporary visitor badges.  Other features include the ability to ban unwanted visitors, scan visitor names against the national sex offender registry and issue temporary door access privileges, when needed.  Visitor tracking gives staff, parents and students peace of mind knowing that all guests are screened before being granted access to the campus and all visitor information is available via electronic reporting, in the event you ever need to know who is on campus and why.

When selecting a visitor management system, it’s important to consider how that software will interact with other applications on your campus.  Most schools are looking to do more than just track visitors and guests; they want a system that manages all cardholders as part of their comprehensive ID and security strategy.

The benefits of a true credential management system include:

  • • Automatic update of employee and student info in the visitor system, ensuring that visitors can only meet with currently active employees and that the current list of active students is always accurate.
  • • Ability to grant temporary access privileges to visitors and other cardholders on campus.
  • • Real time onsite list of all cardholders, assisting with mustering and evacuation in case of emergency.

Not only is BadgePass Visitor Manger part of a larger credential management system, it was designed with the help of a large school distinct to ensure speed and ease of use would be ideal for the K-12 environment.

Schools using BadgePass benefit from:

  • • Ability to check in visitor in as few as 6 seconds!
  • • Intuitive user experience for system operators
  • • Rapid enrollment option for days with heavy visitor traffic (ex: grandparent’s day)

BadgePass works with thousands of customers nationwide to implement electronic visitor management systems every day.  We offer onsite service and support in fourteen states and partner with certified dealer experts in all regions where we don’t have local team members.  Our team offers no cost, no obligation campus security assessments for schools looking to develop security and identification plans and policies.  Contact us to learn more today.

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