Visitor Management Software for Schools

By BadgePass  |  May 24, 2018


K-12 Education, Visitor Management

Safety and security is a stronger emphasis in schools today than ever before.  As a result, visitor tracking systems for schools require more unique features than typical corporate implementations.

BadgePass Visitor Manager software was designed specifically with K-12 schools in mind.  In fact, the original development team worked hand in hand with a local school district when the first version was released to ensure it met the unique requirements of a school implementation.  The result was the fastest and most user-friendly visitor management software on the market today.

Key features and benefits of Visitor Manager software for schools include:

Driver’s License Scanning
Quickly and easily capture accurate information about all visitors to the school, including a photo. Our Six Second Check in is the fastest in the industry.

• Customized Visit Purposes
Associate each guest with a reason for their visit.  Options are customizable for each school but can include Student Pick Up, a School Event, Parent Teacher Conference and more.

• Ban Unwanted Visitors
Keep unwanted visitor and guests away and automatically generate a “banned” visitor alert when someone shows up who is not permitted to be there.

• Cross-check Visitor Information Against the National Sex Offender Registry
Perform a sex offender look up using one of our nationally compiled sex offender database options.

• Customized Visitor Badges
Visitor badging options include custom labels or cards with visitor information, including photo, custom lanyards, QuickPass and more.

• QuickPass
A customized, reusable option for visitor badging that also allows schools to easily grant specific visitors (ex: contractors or substitute teachers) temporary access privileges to certain doors on campus.

• Real-Time On-Site List
Easily view a real-time list of all visitors on your campus at any given moment.

Contact us to learn more about how to make visitor tracking a key component of your school’s safety and security plan.