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February 6th, 2018 / Drivers License, Visitor Management

4 Steps to Effectively Track Guests Using a Visitor Management System

Customers often ask us how they can be most effective at managing visitors and guests in their facility.  We recommend implementing a visitor management system to help expedite and secure the check-in process, while also providing electronic records with visitor tracking information and visit history.  Using the system is simple:

1. The visitor’s ID is scanned, either with an optical character recognition (OCR) device, or a scanner that can read the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode on the back of the driver’s license. If the visitor has previously been scanned and entered into the system before, a quick search brings up the required information and one-click prints them a new photo badge for that day. If not, a scan of the driver’s license captures the visitor’s name, and any other information you want to capture, that is listed on the front of the driver’s license.

2. The next step is to capture additional information that is not on the visitor’s ID. For instance, it may be important to know the purpose of the visit, the person being visited, whether the visitor is a parent, school volunteer, contractor or another type of visitor, etc. The system offers drop-down menus that make it easy to enter this information.

3. Print a customized badge that clearly identifies the visitor. The badge is produced with the information that was scanned or captured during check-in. Schools can create a different style of badge for different visitor types to make it easy for staff to identify parents versus volunteers or contractors, as an example. The entire process, from the arrival of a visitor to the printed badge, should take no more 20 seconds, from start to finish.

Learn more about the six-second check-in process with BadgePass Visitor Manager here:

4. The last step is to analyze visitor tracking data over time to identify trends and/or operational areas that may need to be explored and improved. Your visitor management system should have that enable users to easily generate reports and to store and distribute these reports immediately. There are many potential uses for these reports, including automatically tracking and compiling badged volunteer hours, and verifying the arrival and departure time of outside contractors to ensure that they have been on the job as specified. Administrators can also review the number and types of visitors by location. This helps them examine and verify staffing levels and ensure there is adequate receptionist coverage.

Not only is the process simple, but there are many other added security benefits to implementing a visitor management system.  You can keep unwanted guests away by banning them from the facility, or from a specific person or location.  You can even cross-check visitor names against databases like the National Sex Offender Registry if that’s important to your process.

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