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June 5th, 2020 / Tracking, Visitor Management

Visitor Manager Now Includes Document Signing

BadgePass Reopening the Workplace
BadgePass: Visitor Manager Document Signing

Are you currently considering new policies and procedures for screening and tracking personnel and visitors as you begin to return to the workplace? If this is a top priority of yours right now, we can help!

Our Visitor Manager software was designed specifically for registering and tracking of guests and visitors. However, our newest feature allows visitors to read and agree to or decline terms and conditions before being checked in and granted access to your facility which may be particularly useful in the upcoming months for asking COVID-19 screening questions. Right now, many facilities are planning to implement verbiage that is specific to COVID-19 screening (Ex: By signing this document, I agree that I haven’t been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days and I am not experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, etc. etc.). The text that’s displayed is customizable, allowing for edits in the future to accommodate any other visitor policies you may want guests to agree to before gaining access.

How does it work? The process for checking in visitors while using this new feature is simple:

Step 1 – Visitors and guests present valid ID upon arrival (ex: driver’s license) and scan it for fast and easy check in. The system is compatible with multiple driver’s license scanning options including a new contactless reader for minimal contact.

Step 2 – Once the visitor’s information is collected, the operator selects a button in the toolbar to launch the visitor screening application. A pop-up appears indicating they are waiting for the visitor to read the terms and conditions and respond accordingly.

Step 3 – The visitor reads the customizable text on the signature pad display and agrees to or declines the terms. Those who agree then sign their name. The operator is notified of the response and all visitors who agree can proceed with the check in process.

Step 4 – The visitor is checked in and typically given a temporary badge to wear for the duration of their visit. Visit history details are available in our web-based reporting service, including a new report that features the visitor signature for validation purposes.

If you are an existing customer that is already using our Visitor Manager software, the process for adding this feature and the required hardware is very simple and affordable! Contact us for pricing details today.

If you are interested in learning more about BadgePass Visitor Manager, please contact us to schedule a product demo today!

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