What are Metal Tag Machines Used For?

By BadgePass  |  May 24, 2018



Metal Tag machines, sometimes referred to as embossers, can be used to produce number and letter characters on metal tags.  Many customers have harsh environments that require a more durable and long-lasting solution for identifying products and assets.   Embossed metal plates and tags are the most reliable option to withstand cleaning, painting, rough handling, extreme temperatures and more.  Tags can even be barcoded for asset management and tracking.

Metal tag ​stamping and marking machines can be configured to work with various tags and plates of different metal types, shapes and sizes to accommodate various identification and tracking applications.

The following industries are the most common places for metal tag machine implementations:
• Shipyards
• Steel Plants
• Military
• Manufacturing Facilities

Metal tag machines range from simple table top units to extremely robust, fully-automated, high volume systems, allowing for customers of all sizes and budgets to benefit from this technology!  They can also be configured to work with a variety of tags and plates of all shapes, sizes and metal types to accommodate almost any application.

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