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hand holding ID badge with question mark June 14th, 2019 / Access Control, ID Badging, Security, Tracking, Visitor Management

What’s Next for Your ID?

hand holding ID badge with question mark
BadgePass: What’s Next?

What’s Next for Your ID?

We have spent years working with customers all over the country to create unique, high quality photo ID badges for their organizations. At first, most customers are simply looking to use badges for visual identification, giving team members a way to increase security and awareness about who belongs in the building.

BadgePass: Photo ID Software

However, over the last few years, more of our customers have been thinking about what is next for their ID card. They already have issued Photo ID badges to everyone in their organization. Now it is time to think about other applications they want to use those cards for.

Have you been thinking about what’s next for your ID? Here are some things to consider as you plan for the future of your ID badge:

Do you want employees to be able to use their Photo IDs to gain access to specific doors in the building and be denied access to others based on their security privileges?

BadgePass: Access Manager Software

If this is highly important to you, consider implementing an electronic door access system. Door access essentially replaces physical keys with electronic ones, allowing employees to access doors and other openings with the same badge they wear for visual security.

When considering an access control system, make sure it will work seamlessly with your Photo ID software. You will want to make sure you can instantly enroll user information and print photo IDs from the same software that you assign security rights in. Why is this important? This allows a badge to be used to access doors as soon as it comes out of the printer – saving you the hassle of having to enroll users in two separate systems! Even more importantly, this also allows for lost cards to be instantly deactivated any time a new card is printed, keeping your system up to date with only currently “active” cards that are assigned to active users and minimizing the risk of credential overflow at your facility.

Have you considered other uses for the ID badge?

BadgePass: Time Management Software

While electronic door access is fantastic for improving security, think about using your cards for more than just accessing doors. ID badges can be used as replacement for employee time cards, allowing team members to clock in and out via a smart card reader every time they enter and exit the building and ensuring accurate time cards that can later be edited and approved by a manager before being exported to a third-party payroll system.

Perhaps you’re currently keeping up with employee training or certifications manually, via a paper log book at trainings and event. These manual tracking systems can easily be replaced by electronic tracking systems, allowing you to scan employee IDs and generate a list of who attended specific events, when, etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate passwords for all of the applications you log in to every day? Your ID can help with that as well! Implementing a logical access solution would allow your employees to sign on their PCs using their ID badge each day and eliminating the security risk of stolen passwords.
As you consider all the applications your team members may use their ID for, it’s important to think about how cards will be activated in each of those systems. Consider solutions that are fully integrated with your ID badging software, allowing cards to be instantly active and ready to use as soon as they are printed and eliminating the need to manually enroll cardholder data in multiple systems.

Who else do you need to identify?

BadgePass: Visitor Manager Software – 6 Second Check-In!

Do you have visitors, volunteers, contractors or other guests that are in and out of your building and need a form of identification? Consider electronic visitor management software for registering and tracking those guests. By scanning a guest’s driver’s license, you can ensure fast and accurate enrollment of all visitors. Then, choose to print a customized visitor pass for each person or think about granting temporary access rights to limited doors or areas of the building with QuickPass smart cards! Why is this important? It ensures your visitors are properly identified during their visit without slowing down the check-in process and allows you to look back and see who has visited in the past. The system also allows you to easily keep unwanted, or banned, visitors from gaining access to the facility.

Talk to an Expert

We are here to help! With years of industry experience, we can help you navigate the decision-making process and consider all your options as you strategize for the future of your ID badging system. Whether you have photo IDs today or are just starting to think about implementing a badging system, it is important to always be a step ahead and considering how you want to use those credentials in the future.

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