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October 29th, 2020 / ID Badging

Which ID Accessory is Right for You?

ID Accessory options from BadgePass
BadgePass: ID Accessory Options from BadgePass

ID Badge Accessories are essential to enforcing a successful ID card program. With the right tools you can get the most out of your ID badges while ensuring your ID cards are durable, easily accessible, displayed properly, and not lost. We carry a variety of standard ID accessories to securely display your ID card with the most popular being lanyards, badge reels, and badge holders. If you really want your organization to stand out, consider customizing your ID accessories to promote your brand, image, or event. Our design experts at BadgePass can help you through the process of creating your ideal badge accessory.


Lanyards are the most common way to wear your ID badge. They can be worn around your neck with a twist free or swivel hook on the end to hold your ID card. Standard lanyards come in a several color options and sizes, with a breakaway feature that releases it from the neck when pulled. This breakaway feature is a must-have, especially in school environments, as it protects wearers from getting caught on objects and choking.

Antimicrobial lanyards have been popular among health organizations for their ability to inhibit the growth of germs and kill odor-causing bacteria.
You can also use lanyards to display and distinguish visitor badges, as they can easily be taken on and off.

To better enhance your organizations image, display your ID badges with style! Lanyards can be customized in a full range of colors, imprint options, materials, sizes, and attachments to promote your company, school, brand, or event.

custom badgepass lanyards
BadgePass: Custom Lanyards

Badge Reels

Badge reels attach badges to clothing or belts for easy access and quickly reveal, swipe, or scan as needed. These are especially useful for regular staff or long-term visitors. The retractable feature works great for hospital and office personnel who use their badges routinely throughout the facility and everyday use. Badge reels are available in various styles and colors to show or swipe badges effortlessly and securely.

Our customizable badge reels are the perfect ID accessory giving you the largest space on the market to display your company or organization’s logo. Our unique, no-twist design keeps cards facing forward and easy to read ensuring the photo, name, credentials, and department are always visible. With a card clamp to securely hold the ID card, there is no need to slot punch making these badge reels the best choice for technology and access cards.

BadgePass card clamp badge reel
BadgePass: Card Clamp Badge Reel

Badge Holders

Badge Holders are a staple for displaying badges on a lanyard, badge reel, or clip. Clear, flexible vinyl badge holders with reinforced edges are ideal for protecting ID cards during everyday use and ensuring they last for years to come. These holders are water resistant, protect your card’s technology, and include pre-punched slot and chain holes for easy attachment to other ID badge accessories. Badge holders are available in a variety of styles, with secure features including resealable zipper-like tops and rigid plastic card holders.

Badge Buddy

Popular in healthcare facilities, badge buddies allow for better visual display of cardholders in various departments, without the need to modify the card design. Customizable with different colors and titles, Badge Buddies enhance your ID badge while giving employees a more professional look.

Visitor Badge Backs

Reusable visitor badge backs allow guests to display their Visitor ID more easily during their visit. Personalize your visitor tag with your school or organization’s logo and any other important visitor details. Some facilities use a variety of colors to distinguish between different types of visitors.

These pair perfectly with customized visitor lanyards, allowing guests to prominently display their badge throughout the duration of their visit!

Interested in learning more about your ID accessory options and finding the solution that works best for your organization? Contact us today! 601.499.2131


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