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September 2nd, 2020 / Tracking

Who is On Location at Your Facility?

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BadgePass: Who’s on location at your facility?

Using BadgePass for more accurate details of who is on location at your facility

In the event of an emergency, how are you going to account for every person in the building? Paper visitor logs are often inaccurate, as guests may sign in using a nickname or false name, or even sign their name illegibly. Furthermore, visitor logs typically only account for guests and fail to include employees that are also present in the building. This makes it extremely difficult to account for who should be onsite and/or who is missing in the event of an emergency.

With credential management solutions from BadgePass, we can help your organization combine cardholder and visitor data into one, easy to use system, and enable easier accountability in the event of a lockdown or evacuation.

Onsite List

One of the benefits of implementing a credential management system like BadgePass is integration between all applications. This includes Photo ID, Visitor Tracking and Door Access Control.

The Onsite List in BadgePass Visitor Manager provides a snapshot of every person in your facility – guests and visitors at the top and regular cardholders (ex: employees) at the bottom of the list. With employee and visitor data integrated into one platform, it is the most efficient way to keep track of everyone who is on location and ensure nobody is forgotten.

Employees can scan their ID badges on any card reader when entering the facility, thereby checking them in and adding their names on the Onsite List. When visitors show up and scan their driver’s license for check-in, their names are also added to this list.

For businesses and organizations with a steady flow of people coming in an out, this kind of visitor and access management can be the most efficient way to account for every person on your location.

Entity Tracking, In/Out Card Readers, Anti-Passback

Not only does BadgePass allow you to see when an employee first presented their card to “check in” for the day, our Silent Entity Tracking feature allows you to track employee movement throughout the facility by collecting the location of each access control reader where the ID was presented over the course of the day.

Even better, specific readers can be configured as “Out” readers, enabling people to check out or leave the building and removing their name from the onsite list. An example of when this would be useful is an employee who leaves for lunch or a student who leaves for a doctor’s appointment during the day. By scanning “out”, you minimize the risk of them still being seen as “on site” even though they’ve left the building and someone having to search for them in the event of an emergency.

BadgePass: Anti-Passback Feature

Our anti-passback feature also allows for more accurate details of who is onsite, as cardholders can scan into a building but cannot re-enter without previously scanning out. When a person scans a card reader to enter a building the card reader logs the location. We added this feature to ensure proper security procedures are followed and to prevent passing back ID cards to let another person in the door.

Evacuation Management

In the event of an emergency, lockdown drill, evacuation, or any other potential threat to a facility, it is important that everyone is accounted for – employees, contractors, students, visitors, etc. For large facilities, the process of locating every employee, student, or visitor in your building during a crisis needs to be as quick and efficient as possible.

Most facilities have already established some type of lockdown or evacuation procedure but need a streamlined solution for scanning badges of people at each muster station or evacuation point. The combination of BadgePass software and EPIC Track is a great solution to account for all people and ensure nobody is missing. With the use of a mobile app, any barcode on an ID card or visitor badge can be scanned to log who is present at the evacuation point and who is not.

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