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March 17th, 2021 / Access Control

Why Do People Use Toggle?

Access Control Toggle Feature
BadgePass: Access Control Toggle Feature

What is the “Toggle” Feature Used for in Door Access?

BadgePass Access Manager is equipped with many features that add value to your access control system and processes. Toggle is one of these features that is slightly lesser known to many customers but can be extremely useful in an organization’s day to day operations.

Toggle is simply the ability to reverse the state of a door by presenting a designated credential. Since not every cardholder has access to the software to change door lock schedules, this feature is helpful for changing the state of a door without ever touching the software interface itself. For example, a door that is open or “unlocked” during a specified time frame, or schedule, can be switched to closed or “locked” simply by using the Toggle feature.

Why would you potentially want to use the Toggle feature? Below we review several scenarios where Toggle can prove especially useful in daily operations.

Scenario One

Imagine you are working in the front office and you are the only one working that day, but you need to go to lunch. The doors are scheduled to be open every day from 8 am – 5 pm, but you obviously don’t want to leave them unlocked in your absences. You do not have access to the software to make changes to that schedule though! When using Toggle, when you leave for break, you can simply take your ID badge, tap it on the reader three times in a row, and it will “toggle” the state of the door from unlocked to locked. Later, when you return from lunch, you simply present your badge to the access control reader again, and the system will revert that door back to its regular schedule.

Scenario Two

Suppose your facility has multiple meeting rooms with access control on entry doors to each room that typically remain locked during the day. However, when a meeting is scheduled to take place in a room, the door needs to be unlocked for the duration of the meeting. With Toggle, anytime a meeting is about to occur, a cardholder with Toggle permissions can present their ID three times in a row to the reader in the meeting room they which to use and it will “toggle” the state of the door from locked to unlocked. When the meeting has ended and it’s time to return that room to a locked state, simply tap the ID, and the door will be locked again.

Scenario Three

Last, let’s consider a classroom setting. While classrooms are typically unlocked during the school day, there may be a scenario when a teacher needs to leave the room unattended, but they would prefer the door not be unlocked while they are out. By using the Toggle feature, that teacher can present their ID badge to the reader as they exit the classroom, reversing the state of the door from unlocked to locked.

These are just a few of the many scenarios where this feature can prove especially useful to any organization! Interested in learning more about Toggle or BadgePass Access Manager? Contact us to schedule a product demonstration today!


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