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March 21st, 2023 / Access Control, ID Badging, Security

Why Smart Cards are More Secure than Prox Cards

Proximity cards are widely used in modern access control systems to regulate entry to buildings, offices, and other secure areas. Even though these cards are convenient and simple to use, anyone with the right equipment and knowledge can easily copy them. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it’s so easy to copy a prox card and why smart cards are a more secure option.

Prox cards are based on RFID technology, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification. They work by emitting a radio signal picked up by a receiver near a door or access point. When the receiver detects the signal, it triggers the lock or other access control mechanism to allow entry.

Cloning a prox card has become easy for many to accomplish over time. The problem with prox cards is that they use a simple and easily replicated code to transmit their signal. This code is typically embedded in the card’s circuitry. To clone a prox card, someone must obtain the code and then program it onto a blank card. This can be done using a relatively inexpensive RFID reader/writer, which is readily available online.


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Smart cards, on the other hand, use more advanced encryption techniques to protect their data. Smart cards are equipped with a microprocessor that can perform cryptographic operations, making it much more difficult to replicate their code. Smart cards are commonly used in secure environments like government agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations. They are also used for payment processing, loyalty programs, and other applications that require secure data storage and transmission.

In addition to their enhanced security features, smart cards offer other benefits over prox cards. For example, they can store multiple keys within their secure sectors for a variety of applications. They can also be used for multiple purposes, such as access control and payment processing, without compromising security.

In conclusion, while prox cards are a convenient and affordable option for access control, they are less secure than smart cards. Smart cards offer advanced encryption techniques and additional security features, making them a more secure choice for sensitive environments. If you are responsible for securing a building, office, or other secure areas, consider upgrading to smart cards to ensure your organization’s highest level of security.

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