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September 28th, 2020 / Government

Working with Government Agencies to Centralize Credential Management

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BadgePass: Working with Government Agencies to Centralize Credential Management

Managing credentials can become difficult for organizations with high volumes of people working within multiple departments or even multiple buildings. Throughout the years, we have helped many government agencies implement a fully integrated credential management system to better manage, monitor, and secure access to protected resources.

A centralized credential management system helps increase the security of your buildings by managing ID badges, door access control, visitor management, and employee data from one centralized system and database. BadgePass Identity Manager software allows you to not only create personalized ID badges for all employees, but also enables that badge to automatically be used in any applications that require it. Whether you want to ensure only authorized users can access protected resources, monitor which doors were accessed and at what time, register and identify all visitors and guests, or record employee time, BadgePass lets you do it all in one centralized management system!

Government agencies often struggle with creating common security systems across all organizations and departments. Too often, we encounter local counties and cities that are struggling to find ways to ensure their ID badge works in the various buildings and facilities they need to access. By centralizing all of those systems into one credential management system, its possible for officials to carry just one badge to enter all of those buildings – and enables the use of just one centralized reporting system.

How do you ensure there are NOT more active ID cards than there are people in your facilities?

BadgePass Credential Overflow graphic
BadgePass: Credential Overflow

Credential overflow is one of the largest security risks to any organization. Not only is it extremely difficult to manage, it creates a vulnerability in your overall safety and security protocols, as it results in more active badges in your system(s) than actual active cardholders. Authorities must be able to create and revoke credentials as employees and visitors come and go or simply change roles, and as government processes and policies evolve. If an ID card gets lost or stolen, its imperative that the badge be automatically deactivated in any systems that use it – preferably without any manual user intervention.

BadgePass Identity Manager minimizes this threat of Credential Overflow by automatically deactivating ID Badges in the system anytime users are issued a new badge. Also, by using our DataSync tool, we can ensure that employees or other cardholders that are no longer active in the source database (ie: HR database) are also automatically deactivated in BadgePass, thereby turning off their credential privileges automatically.

Visitors are one of the most forgotten risks to your facility.

  • • How many people are in your building right now?
  • • How do you accurately identify all visitors?
  • • Can you locate these visitors throughout your facilities?

Many agencies ask themselves these questions, but struggle to find a solution that can help them get accurate answers. An electronic visitor management system can add an extra level of security to your building by screening all arriving visitors.

BadgePass: 6 Second Check-In

BadgePass Visitor Manager makes it fast and easy to register, screen, and track visitors to your facilities. With features including driver’s license scanning, electronic document signing, banning unwanted visitors and sex offender screening capabilities, it is much easier to keep up with who is coming and going from the building and ensure unwanted guests stay out.

BadgePass Bytes: Document Sign

To register a visitor, simply scan their driver’s license to load all personal information into visitor manager. For departments with a check-in process that requires documents to be signed or a Covid-19 health screening questionnaire, electronic document signing is a great solution to speed up the process and keep an electronic record of all documents.

BadgePass Bytes: Banned Visitors

For an added layer of security, BadgePass Visitor Manager can perform background screening and ban unwanted guests before they are granted access. In addition, all visitors can be monitored from an “On-Site” list that tracks the behavior of your guests and their current location.

BadgePass Bytes: QuickPass

Visitors can be issued a visitor badge upon arrival that positively identifies them throughout their visit. Our QuickPass cards take their visitor badge to the next level and can allow agencies to give guests limited access to approved areas.

At the end of each day, all badges will be automatically deactivated so you don’t have to worry or remember to manually deactivate visitor badges, further protecting your facility from the dreaded issue of Credential Overflow.

Could your organization benefit from a centralized credential management system? Contact us to learn more or schedule a virtual product demonstration today!

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