Access Control Reader Controller Device Overview

BadgePass ONE has many ways to manage and monitor your access control door reader controllers. The following information will tell you everything you need to know to use the BadgePass ONE Reader Controller.

  1. To access the readers on your account, navigate to the devices tab> then select readers. Here, you can choose a reader and view a fly-out menu for more information.


  1. The information you can find below is as follows:
  • Name, Serial Number, Model, Reader Profile, Firmware, Last Communication, Lock Status and Door Status.

  1. If you were to select the ‘settings’ button in the flyout, you would gain access to essential reader management functions, such as updating firmware and syncing new information.
    • The ‘Reader Management’ tab is a powerful tool that allows you to update your device’s firmware. You can also perform a manual sync to the reader, ensuring it’s always up to date with any new information in the system.


  1. You can override a profile to assign an unlocked or secure state.

5. The other tabs listed below are excellent sources of information for our experts to assist you with anything you need.

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