BadgePass ONE – Portal Overview

BadgePass ONE: Portal Overview

  • Billing

Under the Billing drop down, you can monitor your account usage, manage your subscription package and payment information and you can also access your invoices.


  • Database

Under Database, you can configure any entities, credential types and manage your badge designs as well as setting up any custom data fields you may need in your BadgePass ONE system.

  • Data Integration

Data Integration is where you can import, and export data as needed. BadgePass, ONE supports data imports via CSV file. Here you will also be able to track past imports into your system and monitor overall activity regarding what information is being imported.

  • Devices

The device drop down allows you to view any devices associated with your BadgePass one account. You will have the option to view printers and access control readers for your device. In this section you will also be able to view troubleshooting logs for your printers and update their firmware when necessary. Under readers you will also be able to associate reader profiles with their respective door readers to assign the correct access schedules for your facility.

  • Access Control

The access control drop down will allow you to manage your integrated access control system. Here you will be able to manage reader profiles to set up schedule intervals for your door readers. You will also have access to the engage integration to provision your access control readers, as well as managing your special days.

  • Apps

Apps are where you get to manage what your ID issuing app will look like. Here you can choose the layout you want for your desired devices, and you can also add any fields you want to populate on the App. You can also set up print rules to assign badge templates to each app.

  • Security

Security is where you will be able to manage your app and badge sharing preferences and add domains to use Office 365 two factor authentication. You can also manage your users that have access to the BadgePass ONE software. You also can manage your access control groups and user permission groups as well.

  • Report

Reports are a great way to audit and monitor activity that occurs on your software. Any access control reader activity can also be tracked. You can track overall print and database activity, access control reader activity, and run audit reports on specific criteria that you can choose from.

  • Support

The Support tab is where you can download our badge design software, BadgePass Studio, that can assist you in creating badge templates. You can download it here and begin creating new badge designs as soon as you download it on your Windows PC.

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