How to do an Advanced Cleaning on the Connect Card Printer

How to do an Advanced Cleaning on the Connect Card Printer

  1. Select the gear button to open the advanced menu, then select the cleaning button which is on the top left corner.

  1. Remove the cards from the hopper. To adjust the intake feeder, locate the slider and move it to the maximum position. This will ensure optimal cleaning.

  1. Remove the ribbon from inside the printer.

  1. Before proceeding, ensure all three green check marks are generated by selecting the third icon. This indicates that the printer is ready for advanced cleaning. Then, select the advanced cleaning button.

  1. Take the T-shaped cleaning card and insert it into the intake hopper. When the cleaning is complete, the T-shaped card will be ejected independently.

  1. Next, take the adhesive card, peel the adhesive side, and insert the sticky side up into the intake hopper. Insert the card as the instructions indicate. When the card is finished cleaning, it will eject to the bottom hopper.

  1. Take the cotton swab and bend the tube. This will break the internal seal and release the cleaning solution inside the tube.

  1. Apply pressure on the print head and slide the swab across the print head 5-10 times.

Note: Be sure to wipe the print head in a singular direction to prevent damage to the print head.

  1. The cleaning is now complete. Select the back arrow button at the bottom of the screen. Then, place all the supplies back in the printer and move the slider back to its original position.

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