BadgePass ONE: How to View Bills and Invoices

1.  Once you sign into your BadgePass ONE Account, select the Billing drop down.

2. You will notice a menu where you can view your account Summary, Mange your Subscription Packages and also view your Bills and Payments. Select Bills and Payments.

3. You will notice that the Status column will allow you to view if your payment method works on your BadgePass ONE account. If the status column shows a “retry” button, this means that your current payment method did not complete the payment and the retry button will allow you to attempt paying it manually.

4. If trying a manual “retry” fails, you can also change or update your payment methods by selecting “Payment Methods”

5. You can also select a particular invoice based on your billing cycles

6. If you select an invoice, you have the option to download the invoice in PDF form.

Watch Tutorial Video 

Download PDF