How to Clean GX1 Card Printer

How to Clean the GX1 Printer

Run a printer cleaning card to clean debris from the inside of the printer. The cleaning card can remove most contaminants from the printer.

  1. Begin with the printer powered on.
  2. Open the printer cover and remove the print ribbon cartridge.
  3. Close the cover. The Ribbon Light will blink rapidly.
  4. Open the input hopper and remove unprinted cards. The Card light will blink rapidly if the printer has the Card Present option.
  5. Begin with the printer “Ready”. The USER button shows steady green.
  6. Press the USER button to display “Suspended” on Line 1 of the LCD panel.
  7. Press the ENTER key to enter the menu system.
  8. Press the ENTER key to enter the Maintenance menu.
  9. Press the ENTER key to choose Cleaning Card. 10. With Cleaning Card displayed on Line 2, press the ENTER key to display Start on Line 2.
  10. Press the ENTER key to display “Insert Cleaning Card” in the LCD panel. The USER button and the Card light blink.
  11. Open the cleaning card package. Place the cleaning card in the input area and press the USER button to start the cleaning cycle. Sometimes it requires a gentle push in order to collect the card. The printer moves the card through the printer several times and ejects it in the output stacker.
  12. Remove the used cleaning card. Wait a few minutes for the rollers to dry.
  13. Replace the cards in the input hopper. 15. Replace the cleaning sleeve with a new sleeve, and remove the protective cover.
  14. Replace the ribbon cartridge and close the printer. The printer is ready to print cards again.
  15. Discard the used cleaning card and cleaning sleeve.

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